Mersey Leven Childcare Services



Mersey Leven Child Care Services is a community based not for profit organisation, delivering a range of children's services to all areas of Tasmania.

We provide child care services for children aged birth to 14 years, whether it be in a centre setting, the educator's home or in your own home - talk to us about your child care needs.

At MLCCS we recognise that children are inquisitive, capable and loving, open and trusting and sense wonder in everyday things. More than ever they want you to believe in them, accept them and enjoy being with them. It is on these principles that our programs are developed.

As a community based organisation, Mersey Leven Child Care Services is overseen by a Board of Governance. Mersey Leven Child Care Services has been operating since 1977. We have a proud history of being advocates for children and child care, often at the forefront of state and national initiatives and policy development.

Mersey Leven Child Care Services – 32-36 Valley Road, Devonport, Tasmania Australia