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Mersey Leven Outside School Hours Care provides high quality care for school aged children 4 years to 12 years in a relaxed, caring environment that meets the needs of each individual child, their families and the community.

Our Programs promote an active and healthy lifestyle, and we recognise each child as a unique individual with the right and the ability to make their own choices in a safe, supportive environment.

We provide a healthy afternoon tea which generally consists of fruit, toast, sandwiches, dry biscuits and spreads.

All of our programs are staffed by experienced and trained educators who regularly work in their allocated program. We know the importance of consistency of care, and recognise that trust and relationships between educator, children and families are developed over time and through consistent care.

All of our programs operate until 6pm.

Our programs include:

Spreyton After School Hours Care

Spreyton Primary School

This program is delivered on site at Spreyton Primary School. We offer a variety of experiences for children including indoor and outdoor activities to suit those children who are active or those that just like to settle in and relax with craft and games etc. at the end of a busy school day.

In particular, our program reflects and supports the physical activity which is enjoyed by many of the students and is a large part of the school culture.

Contact Details:

MLCCS Office: 6424 4855

SpreytonASC Mobile: 0400 935 995

Spreyton ASC Supervisor Mobile: 0439 655 528

Wesley Vale After School Hours Care

Andrews Creek Primary School

Our Wesley Vale program is delivered on site at Andrews Creek (formally Wesley Vale Primary) in a warm and inclusive environment that provides an extensive range of activities for children. As a single staff model, this allows the educator to work closely with the children and families to establish a special relationship. Our program encourages children to take ownership of the program with an emphasis on developing self esteem and life skills.

Contact Details:

MLCCS Office: 6424 4855

Andrews Creek ASC Mobile: 0439 328 830

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