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Kentish Child Care

Kentish Child Care is a small innovative Family Day Care facility located at 7 Henry Street, Sheffield catering for children from birth to 12 years. The maximum number of children in care at anytime is 15; therefore our Educators have the time to establish a continuing bond with the children they care for.

A small team of passionate Educators (carers) provide consistent care for all children, building ongoing relationships. Children participate in routine experiences as well as specially planned programs to meet the child's individual needs, strengths and interests.

The facilities at our child care centre include an extensive outdoor play space, including a bike track, sand pit area, play equipment, and veggie garden. It inspires children to play, to be creative and encourages communication and social interaction. Our indoor environment provides a kitchen area, two large play spaces, a wet area and sleep area. The home like environment with separate rooms allows different forms of play to take place; children can use the indoor soft gym equipment, undertake art and craft activities or simply choose a quiet place to sit and read. In essence, we provide a place for children to play, learn and grow.

This service operates Monday to Friday 7.45am to 5.30pm and we offer all day sessions half day sessions, after school care and vacation care.

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