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Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a network of Educators (carers) who provide care and developmental activities in their own homes for children - offering individual attention in a small group setting and offering warmth and understanding of the individual needs of each child.

For parents, family day care offers so much more than an enjoyable, secure place to leave your child. Mersey Leven Family Day Care provides parents with the unique opportunity to have their children explore, learn and communicate freely in a rich, nurturing environment.

The Co-ordination Unit links Educators (carers) and parents, providing information for parents and assisting families to find the right child care environment. Educators (carers) are supported and resourced to ensure the provision of ongoing high quality child care. To ensure that quality of care is of the highest standard, Mersey Leven Child Care Services is committed to meeting and exceeding state and national standards within the National Quality Framework.

Family Day Care provides child care for children aged birth to 12 years. Hours can be negotiated to suit work, study or respite.The Commonwealth Government provides assistance through Child Care Benefit to help with the cost of child care. For more information contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO 13 61 50).

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